About me

Canoe­ing and fish­ing on Grundy Lake

I am a teacher and learner for life.  Since Sep­tem­ber 2008, I have been employed by the Hamil­ton Went­worth Dis­trict School Board as an ele­men­tary Core French teacher.

I live with my wife Jes­sica in Dun­das, Ontario, with our two Siamese cats and a whole lot of fish!  Jess not only loves keep­ing fish as a hobby, but has worked in local aquar­ium shops for over 10 years and sup­ple­ments this fas­ci­nat­ing pas­time with plenty of home sci­ence exper­i­ments, cat wran­gling, arts and crafts, and amaz­ing cook­ing.

In my spare time, I like to explore my sur­round­ings by foot, bike or car, and start self-directed, mini research projects in the do-it-your­self vein.  My hands are very valu­able tools to me, and I use them to draw, write, type, swipe and tap, dis­man­tle, assem­ble and build on a reg­u­lar basis.  Com­bined with my love of con­sum­ing infor­ma­tion and attempt­ing to put it in to prac­tice, my hands and mind keep me occu­pied  with some fun and inter­est­ing projects that are posted else­where on this site.

It’s not all about work for me:  I love any chance I can get to read, watch movies and TV shows, and to spend time with my friends.  If you ask me for my favourites, I have a hard time sort­ing through the list.  Above all else, I am open to new expe­ri­ences, so I rarely stop at one genre, one author, one singer… and I have always been that way!

My friends and fam­ily are very dear to me.  They are a source of joy, an out­let for sor­rows, and a con­stant, depend­able source of inspi­ra­tion and sup­port.  My love for them and of what they do has always dri­ven my curios­ity and will­ing­ness to visit new places, speak new lan­guages, and broaden my cul­tural expe­ri­ences.  Their sup­port has helped push me towards suc­cess, and I am eter­nally grate­ful for it.


Our wed­ding day, August 25, 2011