Living and Teaching With ADHD

July 13, 2013

The fol­low­ing has been Reblogged from a Guest Post I wrote for Andrew Campbell’s blog Look­ing Up

I am 32 years old and teach grades 3/4/5 and have been under­go­ing med­ical treat­ment for com­bined type ADHD (both inat­ten­tive and hyper­ac­tive-impul­sive types) for just over a year now. The just’ is the impor­tant mod­i­fier here as I have spent my years from pre-school to uni­ver­sity, and every year there­after in class­rooms, try­ing to find my foot­ing in the sim­plest of rou­ti­nes we teach our stu­dents Day One. I kept re-liv­ing that first day of school, strug­gling with unman­aged ADHD for 28 years, until last win­ter when I just couldn’t make it out of the house any­more.

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