Hamilton • 2008-Present

I have been a per­ma­nent teacher with the Hamil­ton Went­worth Dis­trict School Board since Sep­tem­ber 2008.  I spe­cial­ize in Junior and Inter­me­di­ate Core French instruc­tion. As of Sep­tem­ber 2012 I will also be teach­ing Grade 3 Lan­guage and Social Stud­ies, a new assign­ment for me, but one I look for­ward to try­ing and learn­ing through our PLC (Pro­fes­sional Learn­ing Com­mu­nity) based sup­port sys­tem. Col­lab­o­ra­tion and good com­mu­ni­ca­tion are the keys to suc­cess in this big school board of very diverse needs and learn­ing styles. I take pride in my job, and I try to build a cul­ture of respect in my class­room where stu­dents can feel safe and com­fort­able shar­ing and receiv­ing feed­back. I also take assess­ment very seri­ously, mak­ing sure to start with the end in mind, and to build my assess­ment as I con­ceive of authen­tic assign­ments for my stu­dents.


Jr/Intermediate Teacher, Core French, OCT, FSL I


Full time


I put my respon­si­bil­i­ties first: the safety and needs of the stu­dents are the pri­or­ity in my class­room, and I am ever remind­ing myself of the require­ments for teach­ers as out­line in the Edu­ca­tion Act in Ontario. But I approach my stu­dents with kind­ness, and atten­tive­ness to their apti­tudes, so my to-the-let­ter-of-the-law approach is com­ple­mented with a kind­ness that builds mutual respect and trust. In other words, I lis­ten to my stu­dents and let them know that their needs are as much a part of my job as the rules we fol­low at school. Reflec­tion is part of my prac­tice, and I rou­tinely seek sup­port when in need, and use my resources — other expe­ri­enced staff in the build­ing — to make improve­ments to my prac­tice as soon as they are needed.

My pre­ferred method for man­ag­ing behav­iour, learn­ing and assess­ment is to plan as effec­tively as pos­si­ble.  I believe in cen­tre based learn­ing, with an empha­sis on shar­ing and dis­cus­sion for assess­ment one-on-one with me, as well as self-assess­ment when work­ing inde­pen­dently and in small groups.  Pro­vid­ing stu­dents with a well planned place, time, set of tools, and expec­ta­tions that fit in to their zone of prox­i­mal devel­op­ment man­ages nearly every rou­tine that needs be in place in a class­room.  A sam­ple of a Cen­tre plan cov­er­ing one week is attached in the gallery.

My experience:

  • Tem­ple­mead School, Gr. 8 French
  • West­wood School, Grade 4/5 French
  • Ade­laide Hood­less School, Grade 4/5 French
  • Bal­a­clava School, Grade 7/8 French, Grade 3 Art, Grade 2/3/4 Drama, Library, Kinder­gar­den Phys. Ed.
  • Dr. J. Edgar Davey School, Grade 6/7/8 French
  • SEPT 2012: Bev­erly Cen­tral School, Grade 3 Lan­guage and Social Stud­ies
  • SEPT 2012: Bal­a­clava School, Grade 4/5 French